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The six big problems wholesale carriers need to address right now—and take control with Digitalk Carrier Cloud

In the start of a new series of Digitalk posts, we’re going to look at the six main issues the wholesale voice market faces - and how Carrier Cloud can help. Let’s start with routing, someone else making decisions on your behalf without you ever being consulted is probably not your best play righ...
Published on
5 October 2022

Innovating operations: boost efficiency, reduce costs

For MVNO’s, the clue is in the “v”; virtual. Successful MVNOs aren’t resource-heavy but, rather, they’re agile organisations with lean and effective operational infrastructures. That means they don...
9 September 2022

Product update: Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.10

Digitalk Carrier Cloud, a complete automated platform for wholesale voice operators, enables wholesale carriers to deploy a secure, reliable, and robust platform over which to deliver ser...
11 July 2022

MVNOs don’t need a network to leverage innovations in network technology

In today’s hyperconnected world where the ability of network technology to support innovation in both the delivery of and the services themselves is expanding rapidly, MVNOs have an enormous opport...
5 July 2022

Service bundling: time to reinvent the wheel?

Operators offering bundled utilities, telecoms, and other services to their customers isn’t a new idea. In recent years, such bundles have been a valuable tactic in pursuit of increased market shar...
14 June 2022

MVNOs are innovating and product and pricing capabilities are key to unlocking new opportunities

The importance of Mobile Virtual Network Operators as essential contributors within the broader mobile ecosystem is underlined by the numbers. Analyst firm Mordor Intelligence expects the MVNO mark...
26 May 2022

MVNOs World Congress 2022 – join Digitalk at the industry’s leading event, 8th – 9th June, Berlin

MVNOs World Congress is back and begins next month! If you are attending, then join us and book a meeting with our team. We will be discussing and demonstrating how Digitalk Mobile Cloud helps MVNO...
16 May 2022

Is it really time for real-time?

The pursuit of “real-time” in the telecoms industry has long represented something like a quest for a Holy Grail. Many (operators and suppliers alike) over the past two decades have claimed to have...
12 May 2022

You cannot maximise the value of already lost customers. Yet maximising customer value increases customer retention

According to the Database Marketing Institute[1], annual churn rates for telecommunications companies average between 10 and 67 percent. While according to various surveys price and product invaria...
3 May 2022

Is a Lack of Transparency Costing You Dear?

What does Open RTP mean for wholesale routing and how can your business benefit from the greater transparency it offers? It’s all about trust – and the added value that can offer.   Every bus...
24 March 2022