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27 June 2023

Intermatica Spa consolidates all wholesale voice operations on Digitalk Carrier Cloud

Adopting Carrier Cloud enables legacy platforms used by service providers including Mexedia, Phonetime, and Matchcom to be retired, reducing operational costs and introducing new cloud-based optimisation.

Milton Keynes, UK. June 27, 2023 Digitalk is proud to announce that its market-leading Carrier Cloud solution for wholesale voice has been chosen by Intermatica to provide a single, converged solution to support wholesale voice routing, interconnect, billing, and service management.

The agreement signed with Intermatica – a leading provider of terrestrial and satellite communications solutions - also includes the adoption of Digitalk Carrier Cloud for all companies in the Mexedia group, including Phonetime and Matchcom. Each of these providers had previously operated several different solutions to support its wholesale operations, across each of its businesses.

This siloed approach, with some solutions developed in-house, inflated operational costs, and added friction to processes, impeding future growth opportunities. By consolidating all wholesale operations onto Digitalk Carrier Cloud, Intermatica can retire legacy and custom infrastructure, and launch a single platform that can be used across all its businesses, unlocking new synergies.

“Securing future agility meant that we needed to review our operational platforms and systems”, noted Gianluca Benedetti, CEO of Intermatica. “After a lengthy business review, we concluded that Digitalk Carrier Cloud offered the outstanding option for managing our current and future voice business. Adopting Carrier Cloud will reduce our costs and drive process optimisation across all our businesses.”

Digitalk Carrier Cloud also offers a range of benefits that will help Intermatica’s business. With geographically distributed PoPs (Miami, London, and Singapore), and a secure cloud infrastructure, Carrier Cloud supports Intermatica’s expansion plans, with geo-redundancy to provide the stability a dynamic wholesale business demands.

Direct peering opportunities with hundreds of existing operators facilitated through Carrier Cloud fast-tracks onboarding processes, while smart license models enable elastic scale for traffic growth.

“We’re thrilled to welcome such a well-respected group of operators and service providers to the Carrier Cloud community”, said Neil French, CTO of Digitalk. “The agreement brings all of the benefits of our mature cloud infrastructure and evolving roadmap to all members of the Intermatica Group, providing a common platform for the future.”

Digitalk Carrier Cloud will also be available to any new companies that join the group. Each will benefit from the feature and service evolution, driving operational excellence.

In addition to handling all interconnection requirements, Carrier Cloud offers native support for OBR-based traffic filtering and routing, as well as automated invoicing and dispute management, backed by real-time CDRs to enable more efficient financial processing, supporting suppliers and termination partners alike. This removes friction from the operational processes, and provides a trusted, verifiable solution for all stakeholders.

Carrier Cloud has no limit on the number of concurrent calls and support call simulation capabilities, that enable modelling of different scenarios, including those for OBR. Pay-per-use licensing eases adoption costs, while distributed PoPs provide global reach.

For more information, contact Giovanni Tesauro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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About Intermatica

Born in 1997, Intermatica is a leading Company in terrestrial and satellite communications fields, a strategic partner of the main Italian and international carriers, system integrator & manufacturer of high-tech products and solutions for Safety&Security, Industrial IoT.

The portfolio is made of about 400 Clients in the main market sectors and consolidated industrial partnerships with key players in the technology sector, nationally and internationally.

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