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carrier cloud from digitalk

Protect your wholesale voice revenues with Carrier Cloud

Take control of wholesale operations with a complete platform as a service, backed by real-time automation

India (re)introduces 60:60 billing. Can you adapt to sudden changes in wholesale voice prices quickly and easily?

wholesale voice platform as a service

The complete platform for wholesale voice

Succeed in wholesale voice with Carrier Cloud – fully-integrated OBR support, dynamic decision control and revenue assurance, at scale to protect your reputation

Everything you need to compete

Carrier Cloud offers you everything you need to compete in volatile markets, efficiently and with the agility you need to succeed.

Maximise your profits

Capitalise on every opportunity and protect margins to ensure your business operates profitably and delivers.

“Origin-based trading is a key component in our growth strategy, and Carrier Cloud will allow us to optimise our processes to end to end throughout our business unit. Digitalk is as an infrastructure partner who provides us with tools that constantly adapt to changing market requirements and gives us the confidence to form a long term business strategy.”

Mike Murray

GM, LastMile Corp
“My success depends on partners knowing I will deliver; reliability is absolutely key. It’s the foundation for building the trust that drives our business forward. Carrier Cloud ensures that I have the tools and the reliability that I need to deliver what’s required by our stakeholders so it’s central to ensuring our own long-term commercial success, in a highly competitive market.”

Birendra Singh

Head of Voice Operations & Collaboration services delivery, Sify Technologies Limited
"Migrating from our existing in-house technology has created an opportunity to move to a true, cloud based platform as a service. Selecting Digitalk Carrier Cloud not only delivers the benefits of the platform-as-a-service model, but also allows us to streamline our business processes and deliver additional insight.”

Kamal Nath

CEO, Sify Technologies
“We saw the Carrier Cloud platform offered by Digitalk, and we knew it would be the perfect tool to help solve the incompatibility issues that Tier 1 and challenger carriers face. Using the platform, we built a marketplace solution on which we could connect carriers, provide a credit line to them, while protecting our exposure thanks to real-time credit control along with accelerated payment and transaction processing.”

Saj Nabhan

CEO, Vovida
“We explored a number of options, looking for the best means to smooth the path to market and to focus on the service offer. Digitalk Carrier Cloud has enabled us to do just that, allowing us to gain early market visibility and to grow capacity."

John Diamond

Managing Director, JT Global

    agile, high-availability wholesale voice

    An agile, secure wholesale voice platform that’s real-time to the core

    Obtain the security, scalability and efficiency you need to succeed and grow in competitive wholesale voice markets

    Global high availability SBC

    Full signalling and media interworking, with dynamic transcoding to maximise interconnect opportunities. Carrier Cloud protects you from security threats, with elastic scale.

    Real-time session automation

    Real-time session control and automated decision making to assure revenues and combat fraud. Comply with OBR and STIR/SHAKEN requirements to maximise opportunities.

    Profit from insight

    Anticipate change and optimise performance to capitalise on opportunities, ensuring agile, responsive service delivery.

    Trusted for reliability

    Carrier Cloud supports hundreds of carriers, offering unmatched reliability and a stable platform for growth, enabling your business to scale.

    Capitalise on Origin Based Routing

    An integrated, real-time and optimised approach for wholesale voice...

    Origin based routing support

    Target OBR opportunities with confidence

    Capitalise on Origin Based Routing with comprehensive, integrated processing and operations

    Comprehensive OBR support

    OBR support spans the wholesale workflow, from automated ingestion of vendor rates, rate planning, customer rate notifications and automated LCR.

    Enhanced OBR billing

    Complete support for Bilateral Agreements and carrier-to-carrier netting, aligned with origin-differentiated rating and routing. 

    Real-time validation in call set-up

    Combat fraud and avoid surcharges with real-time validation of origins and policy-based traffic attestation. Margin-aware routing and real-time revenue assurance ensures profitability.

    Complete signalling control

    Carrier Cloud provides intelligent interworking to guarantee route compatibility and correct presentation of signalling to assure compliance with local requirements and conditions.

    Real-time visibility

    Up-to-the-minute visibility of finance, quality, and network efficiency, with powerful dashboards and business analytics.

    Automatically validate OBR cases

    Integrated simulation tools allow you to check rating and routing before adding live traffic, ensuring 100% reliability in OBR processing.

    wholesale voice business intelligence

    Leverage your data for a bird’s-eye view

    Continuously optimise your business with actionable insights from real-time predictive business intelligence

    Visibility and insight

    Business intelligence and insights enable you to drive continuous operational and process improvements, throughout your business.

    Integrated across the entire stack

    Insights are obtained from every process, providing a unified view of service and operational performance.

    Plot the right course

    Carrier Cloud’s BI capabilities allow you to anticipate, respond and adapt to changes, helping you remain competitive and avoid pitfalls.

    Discover opportunities

    Traffic profiles, volumes, QoS metrics, predictive analytics and more enable you to find and benefit from new opportunities.

    real-time assurance and risk management for wholesale voice

    Real-time protection for your wholesale business

    Real-time assurance, risk management and fraud prevention to continuously protect your revenue

    Stay ahead of regulations

    Global operators trust Carrier Cloud to ensure compliance with national interworking requirements, and to provide the tools required to remain competitive.

    Reject unwanted traffic

    Real-time traffic analysis for pre-call admission, backed by cross-referencing call parameters with industry insights and multiple data sets.

    Automated and secure

    ML / AI-based traffic pattern screening, with alerts, notifications – and automated blocking to identify suspicious activities and eliminate threats.

    Restrict access and control

    Advanced internal fraud prevention and auditing, with single provisioning point to minimise system access and improve visibility.

    Carrier cloud blog
    Is a Lack of Transparency Costing You Dear?

    MVNO package management

    Transform your operations

    Enhance efficiency with a powerful self-service wholesale subscription and management portal

    Make the most of your resources

    Reduce your operational costs and focus your team on tasks that really matter with efficient self-service and automation.

    Turn wholesale into a commodity

    Streamline your wholesale business and remove friction from wholesale processes to boost profit and accelerate execution.

    Manage all your partnerships

    Integrated account management, margin awareness and tracking, and at-a-glance visibility to control your business.

    Transform wholesale voice

    Modernise your wholesale business unit with efficient digital operations, rich automation and enhanced insights to drive growth.

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