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Origin-based routing: What the increasing pace of rollout tells us and how operators need to adapt to the trend

In the second part of our series about origin-based routing we’ll look at the increasing pace of OBR rollout and begin to understand how carriers need to adapt their infrastructures to accrue its benefits. Though innovative, data-based telecoms services such as over-the-top have in recent years ...
Published on
21 March 2023

Understanding origin-based routing: does opportunity come at a cost?

The topic of origin-based routing is getting increasing attention in the telecoms industry. In this three-part blog series, we’ll look at why that’s the case and what steps you should be taking to ...
10 March 2023

Yuboto selects Digitalk Carrier Cloud, capitalising on native OBR and automated invoicing capabilities for international wholesale

Carrier Cloud as a Service trusted to support international growth and to facilitate carrier interconnection and global coverage. Milton Keynes, UK. January 19, 2023 Digitalk Carrier Cloud has be...
19 January 2023

Solving the big problem of harnessing the power of the cloud via analytics, alerting and business intelligence

Digitalk Carrier Cloud’s the system you’ll benefit most from if you’re looking to cloudify your business. A few weeks ago, we set out on a journey with you to map out practical, tech-driven soluti...
15 December 2022

Solving the big problem of rate management

Why automating this creaky, but vital, piece of telco business ops will really help you. Having already explored four of our six key challenges for wholesale operators (network routing, revenue as...
1 December 2022

Solve the big problem: achieving true premium enterprise capability

Our next wholesale operator challenge: what can we do to really delight those premier enterprise accounts? So far in this series we’ve looked at network routing, revenue assurance, and fraud. Thi...
17 November 2022

Is there any way to solve the big telco problem of fraud?

As much as 10% of your profits and maybe even more of your bad debt is linked to the repellent activities of telecom fraudsters. Start wiping the smiles off their faces with heuristic learning-base...
1 November 2022

MVNE as a service: why cloud is the best option for scale and flexibility

Safe to say that, if we’re not there already, we’re moving into the age of “anything as a service”. Cloud is now a common (and often dominant) paradigm for the delivery of a whole range of telecoms...
26 October 2022

Solve the big problem in revenue assurance by getting full control of every cent a customer spends

In the second of our series on the six key challenges wholesale voice operators need to tackle right now, we look at how guaranteeing income with top-end fiscal tech could be a lifesaver for you as...
17 October 2022

MVNOs: moving to a Digital Services Model

Today’s customers demand a complete digital experience. So, MVNOs need to meet heightened expectations and support end-to-end digital customer lifecycle management. It’s essential – but it isn’t al...
11 October 2022