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26 October 2023

Origin Based Routing should be a profit centre, not a problem. Carrier Cloud may help – find out how Release 6.1 puts you in control

To protect value, telcos need to be looking at their wholesale/international carrier business. Could optimising OBR with Carrier Cloud 6.1 be the key?

As a business category, telecom wholesale consists of international voice, roaming, messaging, and capacity (IP transit and managed connectivity), with wholesale voice carriers acting as intermediaries between telecommunication operators, making the transmission of voice traffic across global networks easy.

And a lot’s happening with mobile wholesale roaming, and a lot of it is really positive: it was worth $30bn in 2021 and is expected to hit $82bn by the end of the decade. At the same time, we can’t pretend there aren’t challenges here. Thought leaders Arthur D Little probably crystallises this when it notes that traditional international carrier products are suffering low growth or are in structural decline, that the legacy part of this business is overly mature—and the business mix has been changing due to the world being less into making voice calls, which is dropping, along with a shift to application-based communications. Fraud is also a continuing headache.

What ADL suggests: “As the business evolves and is disrupted by new entrants, we emphasise the need to revive international operations consolidation and reboot their mission.” To protect income into at least the mid-term, international wholesale is thus a business that needs to be optimised as much as possible, with any remaining inefficiencies or unrealised opportunity squeezed completely out.

Let’s get international voice right

Emerging as a highly valuable place to start: international voice. For sure—while over the longer term national voice is in decline (it seems Gen Z prefers the voice note to a real-time call, while also, strangely enough, being really into flip phones) international voice remains a massive market—and if run right, a reliable profit centre for a long time to come.

But only if run right. Operators who seem to be ahead of the pack here are the ones who are ruthlessly rationalising and consolidating all their wholesale voice, ensuring they’re not missing any chance to operationalise this to the hilt.

As ADL notes, the product portfolio largely remains centred around the set of four mature products (i.e., voice, messaging, roaming, and capacity), while the world moves toward cloud-based platforms.

An area that such moves often surface as being problematic is OBR. The reality is, Origin Based Routing is still a tricky area for a lot of brands. This is less than optimal, as while routing management is one of the most demanding aspects of voice termination, it could also be where the greatest opportunity for maximising profit and achieving quality can be found.

And many organisations are already doing this—exploiting a huge range of automations and functions that streamline and simplify the wholesale business and OBR for carriers, like easy ways to work with origin codes, rate notification, and transparent rating and surcharging of traffic with missing or invalid origins.

Take control of OBR with Digitalk Carrier Cloud – Release 6.1 gives you everything you need

Carrier Cloud from Digital is a complete platform for wholesale voice operators that provides secure network infrastructure and class leading routing and billing management, and has just been updated with a number of customer-requested OBR extensions. Also worth noting: it is of course delivered by cloud… and also worth noting, OBR is your best way of eliminating as much fraud out of your ops as possible.

Now available in its latest iteration, Release 6.1, Carrier Cloud offers a completely integrated approach to OBR, giving you the advantage you need to boost your carrier business.

Arthur D Little says to remain relevant and protect value, telcos should think of ways to revive their wholesale/ international carrier business. Working with Digitalk could give you just that—while also enabling you to maintain control and visibility into this important part of your roaming strategies going forward.

If that sounds like what you need, download a comprehensive guide to all the latest advances Carrier Cloud Release 6.1 offers.

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