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Digitalk. A long standing history of innovation and excellence.

  • Digitalk have provided us with a highly scalable and flexible solution which allows us to meet our goals of operational officiencies. Digitalk have proven themselves to be a highly focussed and flexible partner and have been able to accommodate our continually evolving business needs.

    Ian Padginton


    Head of Systems Support

  • Digitalk is one of our main suppliers of enhanced voice and charging services. The Platform has provided Talk Talk with the ability to launch new products easily and rapidly within a very competitive marketplace.

    David Hartog

    Talk Talk

    Network Planning & Service Implementation Manager

  • We needed a broadband telephony delivery platform that was market-proven in rolling-out major new services quickly and easily. Also the flexibility and intelligence in the system means we can offer a range of tailored services to different market segments. Digitalk's vast experience in handling large-scale migrations for the likes of BT Group was key to our decision.

    Bart Oskam


    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Solving the big problem of rate management

    Why automating this creaky, but vital, piece of telco business ops will really help you.
  • Solve the big problem: achieving true premium enterprise capability

    Our next wholesale operator challenge: what can we do to really delight those premier enterprise accounts?

  • Is there any way to solve the big telco problem of fraud?

    As much as 10% of your profits and maybe even more of your bad debt is linked to the repellent activities of telecom fraudsters. Start wiping the smiles off their faces with heuristic learning-based cloud security safeguards from Digitalk.
  • MVNE as a service: why cloud is the best option for scale and flexibility

    Safe to say that, if we’re not there already, we’re moving into the age of “anything as a service”. Cloud is now a common (and often dominant) paradigm for the delivery of a whole range of telecoms infrastructure components. So why not an entire telco or, the focus of this blog, a Mobile Virtual Network Operator business delivered as a service? Let’s look at two of the possible advantages.