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Real-time cloud solutions for service providers

Empowering communications service providers with real-time cloud solutions

Global reach and scale for your mobile and wholesale businesses
Enabling MVNO Propositions - 5: Rejuvenate the Budget Offer

integrated cloud solutions

Depend on our cloud

Secure new levels of operational efficiency and automation with our cloud solutions, trusted by hundreds of global service providers

Integrated, comprehensive

Our cloud platforms cover all that’s required for interconnection, operations, revenue assurance, and service management.

Cloud innovations

Built from the ground up for the cloud, our solutions offer industry-leading innovations and continuous investment.

Automated, real-time

Boost operational performance with automated processes and real-time service delivery for your voice and mobile business.

25 years of leadership

Digitalk has been at the forefront of communications service solutions for decades, offering integrated platforms that combine network service and business support.

Performance you can trust

Fast-growing service providers depend on the reliability, scalability, and flexibility we offer, backed by continuous investment in innovation.

Evolve your portfolio

Our cloud solutions help you to deliver new network services, succeed in competitive markets, and target new delivery models.

full business support

Integrated across the business stack

Our cloud solutions are comprehensive, covering all levels of the stack you need to deliver market-leading services

Real-time service and business control

The core of our solutions is real-time service and charging control, providing secure monetisation of communications services and minimising risk.

Optimised for your business

Our customers span retail, wholesale, pre- and postpaid, mobile or fixed. They enjoy complete control, maximising service value.

Digital transformation

Our solutions provide both the network and business support capabilities that you need to deliver services, enabling you to start up and grow fast.

Streamlined, efficient operations

Benefit from a fully integrated suite of applications that ensures the end-to-end integrity of services and supports automation of business processes.

distributed, resilient, geo-redundant

Global connectivity and resilience

Distributed with multiple, geo-redundant, resilient PoPs, providing world-wide coverage and connectivity options

Scalability and flexibility

Our integrated cloud solutions give service providers the scalability and flexibility needed to meet the demands of rapidly evolving communications markets.

The agility to adapt

We provide the agility to adapt and scale resources as require, for new mobile services, to support MVNO growth, or for handling wholesale voice traffic.

Reliability and security

Digitalk is ISO 27001 certified, reflecting our commitment to the highest levels of security and service quality for our customers.

Billions of sessions

Our solutions process and manage billions of real-time sessions every year, providing seamless service delivery.

Business flexibility

Focus on running your business while benefitting from our decades of experience and investments in automation.

Proven with leading carriers and operators

We support hundreds of service providers globally, delivering performance they rely on to grow their business and ensure profitability.

everything as a service

Everything as a service for your business

Delivered from data centres around the globe, backed by our commitment to reach carbon neutrality by 2030

Rely on our connectivity

Digitalk Mobile Cloud and Carrier Cloud are provided as services from our PoPs, so you can depend on their availability – and focus on your business and offers.

Investment for innovation

Our customers benefit from our ongoing investments in high availability infrastructure, innovative technology, and new application capabilities.

Full IPR ownership

We build and maintain our real-time service platforms and business support applications backed by an ongoing roadmap of new capabilities.

Adapt and evolve with us

We invest to meet market and customer requirements, supporting with new technologies and services such as eSIM and 5G or STIR/SHAKEN and OBR.

The foundation for agile service providers

Whether for mobile or wholesale, we give you the scale, real-time service management, security and innovations you need for success.

Control your future

With our integrated cloud platforms, you can adapt to industry changes, optimise your operations, and provide exceptional services.

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Intermatica Spa consolidates all wholesale voice operations on Digitalk Carrier Cloud

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Directo Telecom chooses Digitalk Carrier Cloud for retail domestic and international traffic routing

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