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10 May 2023

Directo Telecom chooses Digitalk Carrier Cloud for retail domestic and international traffic routing

Native support for Mexican interworking de-risks service migration and enables rapid time to market for Directo’s core business.

Milton Keynes, UK. May 10th 2023 

Digitalk Carrier Cloud has been selected by Directo Telecom, a full-service operator based in Mexico. Directo has enjoyed more than 20 years of growth and is specialised in the financial services sector and the call centre market. With an extensive portfolio of telecoms and ICT services, Directo also leverages in-house innovations to ensure differentiation and to deliver tailored solutions.

Directo offers full nationwide coverage, but also manages more than 400 interconnections nationally and internationally – and needed a new solution for managing traffic and performing intelligent routing. There was a clear need to modernise operational and business support systems to cater for newer challenges in the industry, such as OBR. It was also important to consolidate infrastructure into a single solution to manage retail domestic and international traffic.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud was chosen to provide comprehensive routing and management capabilities, backed by business intelligence and insights to help Directo optimise its business and to support its sustained growth.

Crucial to the selection of Carrier Cloud was Directo’s need to maintain existing interconnections without modification, while enabling more effective management of interconnections and routes. This required support for several country-specific features that are mandatory for the Mexican market.

“Digitalk Carrier Cloud not only gives us the scale we need to support our continuing growth but also provides the flexibility to adapt to changing market requirements”, said Francisco Carbia, COO of Directo. “The tools provided by Carrier Cloud allow us to both easily manage our existing national and international traffic and also quickly identify and act on new business opportunities.”

“We’re delighted our investment in national specific interconnectivity has allowed us to welcome Directo into Carrier Cloud, as it has for operators in Europe and Asia alike” says Neil French, CTO of Digitalk. “Carrier Cloud as a solution extends seamlessly beyond market leading features and into our global network facilities that enable cost effective connectivity into Tier 1 operators and public / private peering exchanges”.

In addition to handling all interconnection requirements, Carrier Cloud offers native support for OBR-based traffic filtering and routing, as well as automated invoicing and dispute management, backed by real-time CDRs to enable more efficient financial processing, supporting suppliers and termination partners alike. This removes friction from the operational processes, and provides a trusted, verifiable solution for all stakeholders.

Carrier Cloud has no limit on the number of concurrent calls and support call simulation capabilities, that enable modelling of different scenarios, including those for OBR. Pay-per-use licensing eases adoption costs, while distributed PoPs provide global reach.

For more information, contact Giovanni Tesauro at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


About Digitalk

Digitalk is an experienced provider of innovative, cloud-based, real-time communications platform as a service solutions. We are a reliable, trusted partner that builds long-term partnerships that enable innovation and service excellence. Over 20 years, we have delivered hundreds of solutions globally, supporting millions of transactions every month.

Our solutions deliver outstanding breadth and completeness of service, high availability, value for money, scalability, stability, security, and a global presence. We can meet all communications service provider needs, enabling differentiated, real-time services from a fully virtualised, cloud-hosted environment.

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About Directo

Directo is a telecommunications operator servicing the Mexican enterprise market with focus on the financial services sector and call centres, as the preferred option for these customers to connect with their end users using hardware and software multi-channel and automation products that include voice, text, and social media solutions.

With a robust infrastructure and a highly skilled commercial and engineering team, Directo provides industry-leading levels of service, with response times and tailored solutions matched only by the quality of its customer base, that include some of the most important financial institutions and call centres in Mexico.

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