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09 February 2024

Enabling MVNO propositions - Part 3: Delivering The Retail Offer

Whether providing food or books, DIY tools or clothes, large retailers are in a privileged position, but operate in a challenging environment. That privilege comes from being a known brand delivering essential goods to a large number of customers through a mix of on-line and in store channels, both bricks and clicks. But the challenge is they are operating in a highly competitive market, striving to maintain viable margins.

The opportunity for retailers is to build on the brand and existing assets with new services that deliver greater customer loyalty and engagement and, of course, increased value. When done right, mobile has proven to be a major contributor to retail brand value and growth.

There are a number of factors to consider when looking at introducing a new service. First and foremost, what is the unmet need that can be satisfied or what is the additional value that can be delivered? For retailers, convenience is a clear benefit: as a trusted existing supplier providing the customer with services they would otherwise have to hunt for elsewhere.

A mobile service offers clear benefits to the retailer. First and foremost, it can be purchased through existing channels, both in-store and on-line, making it simple to adopt.

Second, it can be integrated with existing systems, both at the front-end point of sale, and though the customer lifecycle in terms of customer service and engagement.

Further, mobile can also be integrated with existing schemes and offers, such as loyalty points that can be gained and spent across services. And let’s not forget that mobile provides significant additional insight into customer behaviour, providing data that can guide additional offers.

Maximising brand value

So, while a mobile service offer has proven to be a valuable brand extension for many retailers to deliver maximal RoI, it needs to be designed and managed carefully.

This begins with the right product offer. So, if your retail brand is either budget, premium or mid-range, any planned brand-extending mobile service offer must reflect that positioning. Think, prepaid ‘pay as you go’ service or a hybrid subscription, with or without inclusive allowances and features, or something more advanced. But, however you do it, your new mobile service pricing must correspond to your primary proposition for your target market.

Naturally, alongside the product offer is the right pricing model and level. This also needs to reflect the brand positioning; be competitive with other service providers, whether retailers or not; and support adaptation and promotions rapidly in a fast-moving market.

As most retailers now have established on-line as well as physical stores, a mobile service should be available in both, with tight coupling between the two. For example, it should be as easy to pick up a SIM in store and register on-line as purchase on-line and/or top-up in store.

Brand presentation is also key, both in terms of quality and continuity. That requires a detailed focus across promotion, sales, on-line presence, communications, and customer service. Exceptionally high levels of customer service that retail organisations demand is also something our technology is perfect for guaranteeing.

Delivering the brand promise

Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides the key elements that enable retailers to deliver and develop a successful mobile service.

With real-time service and charging control at the core, customers can know that they are in control of their service and spend. Options are available for a simple pay as you go service, a hybrid subscription, or a full post-paid service, allowing the retailer to match the needs of its consumer base.

This capability also enables the retailer to compete effectively in the mobile services market with full control of tariffs and products, so that it can create and deliver new offers rapidly. Those might include discount promotions during sales periods, or special roaming allowances over the holidays. And offering family groups with allowance sharing provides an extra incentive to recruit additional members to the service.

Integration is key to embedding the mobile service in the overall offer. Whether in relation to sales processes, payments options, engagement and loyalty programmes, or customer services, it is important that mobile forms an integral component of the retailer’s ecosystem of products and services.

Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides multiple points of integration both with host network and third-party services, as well as with the retailer’s own systems and applications that enable it to be embedded into the wider portfolio of services.

Digital customer engagement is now standard for both retail and mobile services. A detailed understanding of customer behaviours and needs enables the service provider to deliver targeted communications and personalised offers. Mobile apps provide the means for customers to view and control their services and offers.

Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides both the intelligence and the automated, real-time campaigns capability, as well as the APIs, that support the efficient creation and delivery of effective digital engagement.

Regardless of whether the retailer is focussed on budget or premium services, delivery excellence is key to maintaining the overall brand value as well as the success of the mobile service offer. Because it is built and delivered with a solid reputation for service reliability – backed by 24x7 monitoring and support – Digitalk Mobile Cloud delivers the scalability, performance and stability that are essential for a retailer to meet its customers’ expectations.

Summing up, mobile offers retailers a key opportunity to deliver increased brand value with an extended service portfolio. Retailers offering mobile services get better at thinking up great new offers here every day—and Digitalk Mobile Cloud is the ideal tool for delivering and then making the most of them.

So, if you or your retail MVNO customer would like to be equally equipped, click here to see how Digitalk Mobile Cloud can help.

This is the third in a series of planned deep dives into current and near-term MVNO market opportunities that Digitalk Mobile Cloud could help with. Watch out for the next instalment soon!

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