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25 April 2024

Enabling MVNO Propositions - 4: Supporting Communities

The right approach to affinity group success

Many virtual operators are launched and maintained by consumer brands. Why? They have an existing customer base already willing to give them money.

But if you think about it, a service offering only needs a set of individuals with similar needs. And a common need is to be part of a club or community doing amazing things.

Take football. In the UK, a national supporters’ survey found that 60.4% of a club’s fans attended at least 15 home matches in one season, while 67.4% attended at least one away match. Proving how ‘the beautiful game’ is finally inching towards diversity, a quarter also supported a women’s team.

On a global basis, there are believed to be 3.5 billion soccer fans, making it the world’s most popular sport - perhaps surprisingly the number two spot is held by the 2.5 billion fervent followers of cricket.

500 million humans put baseball as their number one sport; an equally huge number, 400 million Americans, say it’s their great nation’s version of football, gridiron. And these are umbers that underline why in 2022, the industry’s revenue was $487 billion, with the global sports market expected to be worth over $623 billion by 2027.

In the same way as retailers do with their focused mobile offerings, there is obvious potential in reinforcing a major sporting brand’s connection with its ‘customers’ (fans). At least eight Brazilian soccer clubs offer mobile services under their own name; in Spain, Real Murcia offers Movilgrana, which runs on Yoigo and Orange.

But the potential success of a mobile service isn’t just limited to football. Austria’s Red Bull is both a provider of energy drinks and a huge sponsor of major entertainment and sporting events—F1 especially. Red Bull is in fact a great example of what we’re talking about, as it’s so successfully extended its brand with a mobile service that provides fans with value-added content, exclusive benefits like event invitations, and merchandise it knows is appealing to its audience.

It's all about helping fans and people with things in common communicate better

For sure, not everyone likes sport, be it players on a field or drivers of fast cars. But as humans, we all have connections to some kind of affinity group. These may be based on common activities, shared interests or passions, a common language, causes we are committed to, or location. It doesn’t take much to see that there’s not that huge a leap from being a member of such an affinity group to being open to solidifying your identity in it with a great mobile service. Even better, you might help your group generate some additional income.

A tailored mobile service that would provide a community group with an additional service plus the means to communicate with its members could therefore be highly attractive. Here, Digitalk Mobile Cloud is a fantastically easy and efficient way of getting such an MVNO online.

That’s through enabling the lightest MVNO business model, the branded reseller. A branded reseller like you wants the limited number of SIM cards or eSiMs you need to provide, for example, be managed as efficiently as possible, while still providing the best possible support.

In practical terms, which means enabling specially requested tariffs or bundle options quickly (perhaps with special roaming packages to suit overseas tours in support of your favourite cricket team, or with time-limited options for a major international event), then rapidly provisioning and distributing additional batches of SIMs. Here, Digitalk Mobile Cloud supports quick enablement of branded resellers so that service providers can offer SIMs with branded self-care within days or weeks.

SIMs with a branded reseller approach from Digitalk Mobile Cloud can then be readily provisioned for and allocated to each reseller, and then activated on distribution, sale or first use. At launch, tariff and bundle variants can easily be configured for each brand, SIMs get provisioned for each brand and associated with it on distribution. Essentially, with Digitalk Mobile Cloud, it’s all about the quick enablement of the branded reseller.

The net result is that any kind of organisation with a brand and a membership or community connected to it, from the biggest to smallest professional sports club but also a professional membership organisation or (in principle) community group, could then easily roll out a nicely packaged virtual network offering. And by using Digitalk Mobile Cloud, that would also be a service with all the same great mobile features they would expect from a major MNO.

We are betting you already know at least one customer or prospect that would be tempted to join the Real Murcias and Red Bulls of the world. So, jump on the road to branded reseller success with Digitalk Mobile Cloud by clicking here.

This is the fourth in a series of planned deep dives into current and near-term MVNO market opportunities that Digitalk Mobile Cloud could help with. Next up: Rejuvenate the Budget Offer.


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