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MVNO Innovation Briefings part 1

How can you unlock MVNO innovation with enhanced product and pricing capabilities...

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Enabling MVNO Propositions - 5: Rejuvenate the Budget Offer

In March, Hollywood star (and Welsh football team co-owner) sold his MVNO, Mint, for $1.35 billion. But its new owner—one of the biggest telcos in the world, T-Mobile—isn’t changing its super-cheap...
08 May 2024

Enabling MVNO Propositions - 4: Supporting Communities

From enthusiastic support for a sport or a political or ecological cause to professional societies, communities are full of connected groups of humans. Branded resellers are starting to be great at...
25 April 2024

Enabling MVNO propositions - Part 3: Delivering The Retail Offer

Whether providing food or books, DIY tools or clothes, large retailers are in a privileged position, but operate in a challenging environment. That privilege comes from being a known brand deliveri...
09 February 2024

Enabling MVNO propositions - 2: Unleash the digital MVNO

With near-universal access to smartphones and mobile broadband, digital is now the leading way of delivering connectivity, instant access, and convenience. For everything from shopping to checking ...
04 January 2024

Enabling MVNO propositions - 1: Mobilise your service portfolio

The global MVNO market is set for a new surge in growth, with analysts predicting a rise from 2023’s $85 billion to $117 billion in just five years. Which makes sense: by enabling its MVN...
07 December 2023

Origin Based Routing should be a profit centre, not a problem. Carrier Cloud may help – find out how Release 6.1 puts you in control

To protect value, telcos need to be looking at their wholesale/international carrier business. Could optimising OBR with Carrier Cloud 6.1 be the key? As a business category, telecom wholesale con...
26 October 2023

Intermatica Spa consolidates all wholesale voice operations on Digitalk Carrier Cloud

Adopting Carrier Cloud enables legacy platforms used by service providers including Mexedia, Phonetime, and Matchcom to be retired, reducing operational costs and introducing new cloud-based optimi...
27 June 2023

Directo Telecom chooses Digitalk Carrier Cloud for retail domestic and international traffic routing

Native support for Mexican interworking de-risks service migration and enables rapid time to market for Directo’s core business. Milton Keynes, UK. May 10th 2023  Digitalk Carrier Cloud has ...
10 May 2023

Effective origin-based routing requires meeting a data management challenge

In the first two blogs in this three-part series, we investigated the reasons for the ongoing rise of origin-based routing and steps operators must take to keep pace with the trend. Now, we’ll look...
30 March 2023

Origin-based routing: What the increasing pace of rollout tells us and how operators need to adapt to the trend

In the second part of our series about origin-based routing we’ll look at the increasing pace of OBR rollout and begin to understand how carriers need to adapt their infrastructures to accrue its b...
21 March 2023