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mvne as a service

Mobile Cloud
Build a market leading mobile brand

Create a differentiated MVNO proposition with the flexibility you need to stay ahead, recruit and retain customers – and grow
Enabling MVNO Propositions - 5: Rejuvenate the Budget Offer

build an mvno

Mobilise your brand with Mobile Cloud

Mobile Cloud’s flexibility and rich feature set enables you to easily create value with services for existing and new customers

Add brand value

Enable new services and features by adding mobile to your brand portfolio and mobilising existing services.

Boost customer loyalty

Incentivise adoption with smart packages that complement your service offers and deliver mobile and data connectivity.

Reach new customers

Extend brand reach with web services APIs for rapid integration with your business systems and customer support platforms.

Get integrated

Rapid, simple integration with your business systems, customer support platforms and IT solutions for a comprehensive approach.

digital mvno

Unleash your digital MVNO

Deliver outstanding experiences across digital channels, simplifying engagement and ease onboarding and user journeys

Delight your customers

Digital is the leading model to deliver convenience and simplicity. Meet and exceed customer expectations with digital channels.

Build the right customer journey

Tailor your service to address your customers’ expectations, wherever they are, whatever their situation, whenever they need it.

Be lean and agile

Focus your resources on customer success with digital engagement, process automation, and business intelligence.

Automate engagement and offers

Business Intelligence and automated campaigns combine to deliver targeted offers across the customer lifecycle.

Customer lifecycle management

This briefing paper cuts through the jargon to explain what CLM means in practice and why and how it should play a fundamental role in your MVNO business...

The retail MVNO

Boost your retail business

Capture additional revenue and enable efficient engagement with your customer base to support retail offers and cross-selling

Drive consumer loyalty

Use mobile services to enhance loyalty and reinforce your brand to your customer base in any retail sector.

Enhance service opportunities

Provide reliable and consistent mobile services to drive revenue growth across your business, alongside existing outlets.

Efficiently deliver rewards and offers

Mobile gives you a new channel to deliver customer rewards and personalised offers that are aligned with individual shoppers and their needs.

Seamless service for your brand

Easily support the entire customer lifecycle for both prepaid and post-paid services, and keep your customers informed.

branded mvno opportunities

Enable branded resellers

Help sports clubs, community organisations and more build deeper relationships with supporters and members

Support tailored services

Customise service packages and offers for brand partners to enable them to recruit and engage with their fans and communities.

Efficiency is key

While brand recognition and loyalty may be high, the overall user base can be small. Efficiency is essential across the lifecycle.

Rapid service launch

An integrated suite to enable fast time to market, backed by ready-made services and offers to support the needs of each reseller.

Simple service management

Remove the complexity from running a mobile business and proposition with comprehensive self-care, backed by intuitive portals.
“We chose Digitalk for its reliable platform and the services they provide. Digitalk Mobile Cloud will play an important role in our continued growth in the MVNO sector, as we bring on new partners and provide increasingly sophisticated digital experiences for their customers.”

Strategy & Wholesale Director

“Digitalk enabled Talkmobile to take full operational control of its MVNO service, in an extremely challenging environment. We now have a platform from which we can manage our operational costs, as well as bring new services to market in a cost effective and innovative manner. Ultimately, we can deliver a better value service both to our subscribers and back into the business.”


“We chose Digitalk for the product quality and the superior support offered. As we evolve and grow, Digitalk will continue to be our preferred partner for new services and in new markets.”


Llamaya Móvil
“We regard Digitalk as a partner not just as a supplier. We have developed a successful relationship over many years and are always delighted by how Digitalk takes the initiative to support our development as we grow and continually improve.”

Now Mobile

    Easily onboard new partners

    Rejuvenate the budget offer

    Low cost offers need quality and service excellence to stand out – secure both, building loyalty and standing out from the competition

    Build on core elements

    With the right foundation, budget MVNOs can thrive – but you need the ability to introduce and adjust offers quickly.

    Control costs and streamline

    Manage resources effectively and efficiently, with deep automation, so you can control costs and maximise margins and returns.

    Premium service performance

    Customers demand reliability and availability. Digitalk provides service quality and performance to protect your business and reputation.

    Efficient revenue collection

    Integration with card payment providers, automated top-ups, voucher distribution and more drive regular, automated income and cash payments.

    How to capitalise on the sub-brand opportunity

    This paper explores sub-brands in the context of the strategic choices that confront MNOs and examines the factors required for them to succeed...

    MVNO charging and payment

    Flexible charging and payments

    MVNOs need to choose the right charging and payment models for their customers – assured with complete credit control

    Pre-, post- or hybrid

    Give customers payment plans and options to suit their needs and enable transition between models, boosting loyalty.

    Top-ups and bundles

    Enable simple recharge options and create bundles and add-ons to boost accounts and support new demands, like roaming data.

    Package self-selection

    Enable subscribers to choose the packages they want, and which match their requirements, with simple self-selection.

    Credit control and revenue assurance

    Protect revenue with credit controls and collection across multiple channels, and easy account management to prevent losses.

    MVNO package management

    Family and user groups

    Create services and packages for families, friendship groups, small business users and more, with shared bundle features

    Family plans and packages

    Help families share minutes, data packages and more, with a primary account holder allocating and setting usage controls.

    SoHo bundles and offers

    Use pooled bundle features across small teams and help start-ups and small businesses manage accounts for their team.

    Flexible allowance sharing

    Put the group in control by giving them privilege rights for self-care, so they can add or remove members, control access and more.

    Agile package management

    As an MVNO, you’re in charge, so you can create a range of group plans to suit your audience and change to serve new opportunities.
    mobile cloud blog
    MVNE as a service: why cloud is the best option for scale and flexibility...

    mvne integration and optimisation

    Engage the community

    Target community members with dedicated packages that reflect their interests and needs

    Build your own app

    With a branded mobile app integrated via a web services API, community groups can focus on the needs of their members.

    Data-only plans

    Give customers what they want with data-only plans, backed by options to update allowances with add-ons.

    On-net charging

    Provide packages that offer lower cost calls and messaging between community members, whether at home or abroad.

    Integrate partner offers

    Collaborate and integrate with partners to deliver engagement and tailored packages for community users with custom offers.

    Why a second brand can be key to success?

    A second brand can be a key strategic tool for securing the objective of reaching new customers and new segments which cannot be accessed by the existing organisation....

    The MVNA model

    Become a service aggregator

    Build an aggregation business with your operator agreement that scales and supports any kind of service model and proposition

    Any service provider model

    Support a mix of service providers and resellers – pre-, post-paid or hybrid, digital first or across existing platforms, budget or value-added, and consumer, enterprise or IoT.

    Flexible service creation and integration

    Allow your partners to adapt to their markets, developing their own propositions and delivering compelling offers, with easy configuration and integration options.

    Modular extensibility

    Offer your partners a range of modular capabilities, including self-care applications, value-added services, business intelligence and campaigns management.


    Onboard new partners, whether based on reseller agreements, a template service model, or a unique service proposition, building on common services and capabilities.
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