Secure, scalable and robust network infrastructure

High availability SBC

The foundation of the Carrier Cloud is the class leading carrier-grade SBC. Located in secure data centres, the Carrier Cloud provides protection from security threats, with unparalleled levels of availability and scalability. Customers can establish both public and private interconnect peering partners.

The SBC provides full signalling and media interworking and includes dynamic transcoding to maximise interconnect routing opportunities. Customers can scale up and down as demands dictate, allowing short- and long-term traffic opportunities to be exploited without the need to pay for unnecessary capacity.

  • Carrier grade

  • Highly available
    and scalable

  • Full signalling

Real-time rating and centralised routing

High availability SBC

Real-time rating
and management

Rate management is an essential but time consuming activity for wholesale voice operators, due to the frequency of updates that must be managed. The advanced and automated rate import, change analysis and floor price creation capabilities of the Carrier Cloud allow you to streamline the end-to-end rate management process.

Real-time rating on the Carrier Cloud provides pre-paid, post-paid and bilateral credit control, protecting your business by reducing financial risk and increasing opportunities.


Route optimisation can be complex with decisions based on agreements with interconnect partners, available capacity, price and quality.

Carrier Cloud provides the advanced routing optimisation and control you need to deliver destination minutes at the right price and quality, while protecting your margins. Least cost routing, QoS routing and margin enforcement reduce risk operational effort through automation.

Interconnect billing and settlement

Automated invoicing, settlement and payment tracking

Wholesale voice operators rely on accurate billing, payment tracking and settlement to generate revenues and control costs. Carrier Cloud includes an end-to-end billing and settlement solution, providing comprehensive management capabilities, with a high degree of automation increasing operational efficiency. Our billing platform is fully integrated, ensuring simplicity of deployment.

Billing disputes are the inevitable result of maintaining many interconnect partners. Carrier Cloud enables billing issues to be quickly identified, tracked and resolved helping to control costs and increase margin.

  • Automated

  • Supplier

  • Accounting

  • Dispute

Business intelligence

Actionable real-time insight

In an increasingly complex and competitive environment, it is essential to be able to respond quickly to performance or commercial issues or to take advantage of business opportunities. Carrier Cloud’s integrated Business Intelligence functions combine high-performance data discovery with rich, real-time analytics. They present clear, visual reports through dashboards, ensuring you have all the information you need within easy reach.

The BI capabilities provide new insights into traffic profiles, volume and QoS to help you refine and optimise your business. Real-time information ensures you can react immediately to issues and opportunities, while predictive traffic and profitability analytics helps you make better decisions for the future.

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Partners Portal

Join the Carrier Cloud community

The Digitalk Carrier Cloud has grown into a thriving community of interconnect wholesale voice operators. A dedicated portal helps you to find new interconnect partners already connected to Carrier Cloud, enabling you to forge new relationships, extending your business and uncovering new opportunities for growth.

Carrier Cloud also allows you to promote destinations which you offer or require, providing a simple way to advertise and grow your business among the Carrier Cloud community.

  • Find new

  • Uncover new

Carrier self-care

Reduce operational costs and help your partners

Carrier Cloud offers a complete self-care portal, which allows your partners to access and download information about their services. They can view and download CDRs, reports and invoices. Clear visibility of available credit and top-up mechanisms gives further control.

The Carrier self-care portal reduces operational costs by providing a single interface for customer and supplier to view key data, automating routine tasks.

  • Self-care

  • Automate
    routine tasks

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