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11 July 2022

Product update: Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.10

Digitalk Carrier Cloud, a complete automated platform for wholesale voice operators, enables wholesale carriers to deploy a secure, reliable, and robust platform over which to deliver services to their end customers.  

And now, with the release of Carrier Cloud version 5.10 which adds features and capabilities driven directly by the rapidly evolving needs of the market, they can confidently grow businesses that depend on delivering uninterrupted and premium quality communications services – with true real-time performance.

rate analyser

Its advantages include:

  • Enhanced management of and reduction of credit risk
  • Advanced ease-of-use
  • Better performance visibility, added insights
  • Upgraded platform performance through enhanced Dynamic Routing
  • Added value insights and dashboards
  • Quality Assurance Enhancements
  • Credit and billing controls increased and improved

To learn more about Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.10, read our latest brochure.

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