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Digitalk’s comprehensive approach makes setting up and running a service as straightforward as possible, regardless of the complexity of the underlying technology. Our solutions are offered as standard packages but may include custom design and development, protected by our QA processes.

We pride ourselves on being able to support our partners on their entire journey. This covers initial consultancy to the definition and agreement of concepts, through to delivery and the successful launch of a partner’s service, leading into operations, with the secure management and future evolution of products and services. The consultancy and support services we offer are designed to help you make the most of your solution and achieve business success, whether migrating an existing service or on-boarding a new partner.

Our professional services are built on proven methodologies and a rich heritage of success, based on the three core pillars of consultancy, delivery and operations.


Project definition, specification and planning services


Expertise to deliver projects, large and small


Support services to help realise your business goals


We will work closely with you to evaluate your situation and establish your requirements and help you determine the scope of the project you have in mind and plan the best, most cost effective solution for your needs.

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Once the project definition has been created, a full specification of the desired service can be created, providing all necessary details regarding the elements needed for the solution and the architecture to support it. Once all aspects have been captured, a detailed project plan can be assembled and the necessary resources to ensure its implementation secured, including any relevant third parties, such as interconnect carriers, co-location providers, and logistics fulfilment houses.

Digitalk’s projects range from straightforward Cloud service enablement, to complex integration and migration projects, covering millions of subscribers and billions of subscriber sessions.

With hundreds of partners around the world, we have built up the processes and experience that enable us to keep projects as simple as possible while identifying and addressing the risks in more complex environments, always with the aim to minimise both costs and time to service and revenue.


Service delivery encompasses all necessary tasks to ensure the realisation of the agreed solution. It includes customisation to ensure that the service is optimised in line with the agreed definition, as well as careful validation both pre- and post-installation.

Continuous feedback is provided to ensure that milestones are met and that the project can move from testing and commissioning to service launch. Where migration from an existing service or platform is required, a phased approach can be supported, enabling the smooth transfer of assets and avoiding disruption to existing subscribers.

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Digitalk Professional Services

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Ensuring the effective operation of our services is vital. That’s why we offer a comprehensive 24x7 support package based on clearly defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and regular reporting of agreed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Support is available in multiple languages, ensuring that our partners can communicate clearly and effectively with our team.

Operational support also benefits from our continuous innovation, ensuring all partners can access the latest versions of software, backed by rigorous QA and change management controls. Our engineering teams apply full regression and compliance testing to validate and to maintain service performance.

A complete service desk is provided, which allows issues to be opened, tracked and closed, supported by the required response times and with defined escalation paths, according to the severity of an incident and the agreed SLA terms.

Digitalk also provides in house, on premise and online training as part of the complete operational support service. Our experienced trainers have in-depth knowledge of our platforms and applications, working alongside our professional services team so that they also understand the questions and issues that partners face.

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Comprehensive support services
to achieve your business goals

Our range of support services and systems reflects our commitment to customer success. We make sure that we constantly strive to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our platforms and solutions.

At Digitalk, we are proud of our approachability, professionalism and the continuing support programmes that mean partners can focus on their business success.

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