Rewarding your customers to boost your business – Part 2

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

As we have discussed in an earlier article, building customer loyalty is an essential and time consuming activity for any business. Reward schemes have long been used by traditional retailers and, with intensive competition in the mobile industry, MVNOs are increasingly exploring ways in which they can build such programmes to boost subscriber loyalty and aid retention.

What MVNOs need is the ability to create tailored loyalty programmes that are adapted both to the habits and behaviour of individual users as well as to segments and groups. This means they need to be able to easily understand what users do and to derive insights from the patterns that emerge on a micro and macro level.

For example, an understanding of purchasing history and preferred content can allow an MVNO to tailor rewards to subscribers that match their consumption, providing them with incentives such as free content, gifts, or offers for content that they recommend and match to their viewing and purchasing history. If this information can also be matched with other key data, compelling offers can be delivered to subscribers, enhancing engagement and building a better experience.

This needs the right tools. Business Intelligence solutions that can correlate, filter and match data are required, so that individual and group loyalty schemes can be created. Such tools need to be automated so that the cost of implementing and maintaining such programmes doesn’t become a drain on resources. They also need to have the capability to include machine-driven learning so that they evolve to match changes to behaviour – after all, subscriber behaviour changes in response to many factors.

All of this can be accomplished with the right MVNE solution. Digitalk Mobile Cloud comes with a comprehensive set of tools to design, manage and evolve subscriber loyalty programmes. They can be used to provide personalised, relevant rewards that match subscriber behaviour, at every stage of their journey with the mobile service provider. The toolkit gives you complete control, based on real, objective insights into your subscribers and service performance.

Mobile Cloud removes the guesswork and provides an efficient, cost-effective means of creating lasting subscriber loyalty that doesn’t consume resources and helps MVNOs maintain their focus and resources. Choose the right MVNE solution to build rich loyalty programmes and boost subscriber retention - if you want to build rich, compelling rewards for your subscribers, why not get in touch to find out how Digitalk’s complete MVNE as a Service solution can help?

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