Product update: Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.9 enhances your customer relationships and boosts trust

Friday, 23 April 2021

Digitalk Carrier Cloud's latest Release 5.9 enables wholesale carriers to build and maintain better customer relationships with new automation, multi-currency support, business intelligence enhancements, and more.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.9

Wholesale carriers depend on their business relationships. In turn, these are built on trust. Do you deliver what you promise? Can you support your partners in a way that simplifies the relationship and without friction – so that your own business can grow?

Digitalk Carrier Cloud release 5.9 is oriented to making it easier for you to support your customer relationships and deliver on SLAs - demonstrating that trust is well-placed.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud's latest enhancements enable wholesale carriers to:

  • Ensure SLA delivery, in real real-time, with dynamic routing
  • Smooth international trading options with multi-currency support for every partner, any traffic profile
  • Enhance credit control and better manage risk in multiple currencies
  • Equip Account Managers with new BI tools to ensure customer relationships can be nurtured

To explore Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.9, read our latest brochure.