Product update: Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.7 reduces risk and exposure with 24-hour credit alerts

Friday, 24 April 2020

Digitalk Carrier Cloud's latest Release 5.7 now enables wholesale operators to protect valuable revenue and defend against fraud with new, automated assurance processes.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.7

There are many threats in the wholesale voice business. Not only can these lead to financial losses and reduced margins, they can create overheads due to the additional workload and effort to manually detect them. Potential threats must be verified and dealt with to avoid exposure to fraud and protect revenue.

Digitalk Carrier Cloud includes a number of key measures designed to protect your business and stop fraud in its tracks:

  • Define customer and supplier spending limits
  • Trigger automatic alerts if expenditure hits a pre-set threshold
  • Suspend customer traffic if limits are exceeded
  • Block high value rates on import

In addition, Carrier Cloud Release 5.7 includes new business rules to block high value rates, Origination and Destination address reporting, and more.

To explore Digitalk Carrier Cloud Release 5.7, read our latest brochure.

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