Digitalk’s Paul Bassa joins panel at Carrier Community MVNO Summit, London, 13th – 14th February

Wednesday, 06 February 2019

Key session discusses winning loyalty strategies and challenges of dealing with multiple segments for MVNOs

Digitalk’s EVP Mobile Cloud, Paul Bassa, is joining a key panel and round table discussion at the Carrier Community’s new MVNO summit, taking place in London from 13th to 14th February, at 1420 on Day 1 of the event. The panel will focus on two key topics that are of growing importance for the MVNO industry.

First, loyalty. Building subscriber loyalty is pivotal to maintain a viable business. With customer acquisition being both challenging and costly, ensuring that you can retain and engage your customers is fundamental. Second, how do you optimise platforms so that you can service multiple segments?

Both issues are hugely topical. Paul Bassa brings years of experience of helping MVNOs boost loyalty and to create differentiated offers to meet the needs of multiple segments. The panel is led by Arun Dehiri, of Red Dawn, a well-known consultancy firm, and brings together industry experts for what promises to be an interesting discussion.

If you are attending the Carrier Community MVNO Summit, which will be held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from our expert and to benefit from Digitalk’s unique perspective as an enabler of successful independent and second-brand MVNOs.

If you are unable to attend and would like to learn more about retention and segmentation strategies, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to share our insights.

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