Enabling MVNO Propositions - 4: Supporting Communities

25 April 2024

From enthusiastic support for a sport or a political or ecological cause to professional societies, communities are full of connected groups of humans. Branded resellers are starting to be great at spinning up nice, niche but efficient virtual network offerings to support such groups. And with Digitalk Mobile Cloud, there’s no reason such networks are only options for the biggest players in multi-billion-dollar sectors.

Enabling MVNO propositions - Part 3: Delivering The Retail Offer

09 February 2024

Whether providing food or books, DIY tools or clothes, large retailers are in a privileged position, but operate in a challenging environment. That privilege comes from being a known brand delivering essential goods to a large number of customers through a mix of on-line and in store channels, both bricks and clicks. But the challenge is they are operating in a highly competitive market, striving to maintain viable margins.

Enabling MVNO propositions - 2: Unleash the digital MVNO

04 January 2024

With near-universal access to smartphones and mobile broadband, digital is now the leading way of delivering connectivity, instant access, and convenience. For everything from shopping to checking train times to finding love, digital is the default.