Delivering product innovation 

Define and refine your offers

Securing agility and innovation in product offers is a critical requirement for MVNOs.

Digitalk Mobile Cloud enables you to launch an extensive range of bundle offers, including self-selecting options to create a flexible, agile portfolio that is relevant to your customers’ needs. They can choose from an extensive range of options, covering real-time post and pre-paid offers.

It’s easy to change product plans, which means you can become more responsive to subscriber needs and anticipating market requirements. Launching new products and partner offers is made easy, ensuring continuous innovation and service enhancements.

  • Maximum agility
    and flexibility

  • Choose from broad
    range of options

  • Respond to the
    needs of subscribers

Enabling excellence in customer care

Support your subscribers more effectively

Support subscribers via agent and self-service channels

Keeping customers happy means giving them the right support, at the right time and enabling them to find solutions quickly and easily. Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides the resources and channels you need to deliver outstanding customer service, both through agent support and via self-service channels.

Provide personalised care with our comprehensive CRM

A comprehensive CRM provides information quickly and easily, enabling personalised care, while integration of different communication channels, including SMS/USSD and social media enables omni-channel support, keeping track of subscriber interaction and their conversation.

Give customers control with a rich web self-care portal

The rich web self-care portal helps customers discover useful information and can be combined with a fully customised mobile application to help subscribers solve common problems via simple, intuitive interfaces. It enables customers to self-serve, reducing operational costs as well as giving them more control over their services.

Simplifying customer acquisition

On-board customers through multiple channels

It’s important to be able to on-board customers through as broad a range of channels as possible. Direct channels, such as retail and online, need to be combined with indirect routes, such as through reseller and partner programmes.

Mobile Cloud provides comprehensive support for all relevant customer acquisition channels, allowing you to easily sign up and on-board new subscribers, directly or indirectly through your partners.

In addition, it enables referral and promotion schemes, allowing programmes such as “member gets member” to further boost subscriber numbers, while driving down subscriber acquisition costs.

  • Retail

  • Online

  • Member
    get member

  • Indirect

What is MVNE as a Service?

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Smarter business intelligence

Optimise operations and unlock actionable subscriber insight

Digitalk Mobile Cloud offers an integrated, powerful Business Intelligence tool that provides the insight and data you need to operate your business. It offers comprehensive capabilities, enabling smarter order fulfilment and allowing you to manage your business more efficiently and more cost-effectively, boosting your bottom line.

Mobile Cloud also includes innovative machine learning tools that perform intelligent data processing, enabling you to discover deep insight into customers and their behaviour. The information it reveals helps to build segments, enables propensity and predictive modelling, and measures the effectiveness of your campaigns and offers, so that you can modify, enhance and personalise promotions, ensuring they are delivered to the right targets, at the right time.

  • Real-time

  • Analysis and

  • Propensity

  • Machine

Build customer loyalty programmes

Boost retention, reward your customers with targeted offers

Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides the ability to design, manage and evolve comprehensive loyalty programmes. The powerful tools help create the best subscriber experience, maximising the uptake of new offers and minimising churn. They build lasting loyalty and provide rewards personalised to meet the needs of your subscribers, across every step of their lifecycle.

By creating programmes that reflect subscriber behaviour and their experience, you can enhance NPS and enhance your brand. The integrated tools enable give you full control, based on real insights from your customer and service performance. It’s a complete platform for subscriber and service management and evolution.

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End to end service delivery and support

Consultancy, delivery and operations for the complete lifecycle

Digitalk offers a complete package of service delivery and support options covering you for every aspect of the MVNO lifecycle. It includes consultancy to define service offers and products, as well as detailed project planning. Our delivery team is focused on the customisation and commissioning to enable rapid rollout and launch of a new MVNO or the migration of an existing provider from a legacy environment.

Once live, our operations team helps ensure consistent performance, covering agreed KPIs and SLAs, as well as ongoing partner, service and change management. It is a comprehensive package that enables MVNOs to succeed and provides the agility to ensure you achieve competitive advantage, while controlling your costs. Digitalk Mobile Cloud is the real-time MVNE as a Service solution for innovative, agile mobile service providers.

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