The role of Business Intelligence in revenue protection

Friday, 18 November 2016

The role of Business Intelligence in revenue protection Business Intelligence is a term that is broadly used but it’s worth considering what it really means for a range of different factors. Executives need information to be able to make decisions – some of these relate to business growth, some relate to operational costs and requirements, while others relate to revenue protection. Of these, it’s difficult to single out which is more important – they are all essential to the success of a business. 

However, it’s not enough merely to have information, it has to be presented in a clear and digestible way so that necessary action can be taken, in a timely manner – both to correct poor performance and to ensure accurate planning for the future. If information is not accessible, it is either an opportunity missed or significant effort is required to interpret it. 

For example, revenue protection is an area which telecoms operators and wholesale providers rightly prioritise. Fraudulent behaviour and incidents have a dramatic impact on tight margins and providers must ensure that they do not suffer from fraudulent activity, or, if they do, that corrective action can be taken to ensure the impact is minimised. 

That’s why Digitalk’s cloud platforms include advanced Business Intelligence capabilities, a core component of which is the fraud detection and monitoring suite. It provides the means to identify suspicious calling patterns or unexpected changes to traffic profiles. Acting in real-time, it provides the information that is needed to deliver alerts and notifications to enable executives to take action to block traffic and put a hold on relevant accounts, protecting their businesses. 

In addition, the automated traffic monitoring uses advanced AI learning algorithms to provide dynamic detection, allowing unknown and emerging threats to be recognised – and halted. In a business that depends on taking advantage of small changes in prices and tight margins, it’s essential to provide the protection to allow the impact of fraudulent activity to be minimised, with early detection – as well as the capability to learn and adapt to new and emerging threats. As an inclusive element of our cloud platforms, it’s a vital tool that provides the reassurance you need to safely grow your business, safeguarding your revenue.

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