Self-selecting bundles – can your subscribers experiment?

Friday, 24 February 2017

While MNOs and MVNOs go to great lengths to give subscribers what they want – and are increasingly equipping themselves with the tools to do so – it’s still clear that you can’t please all of the people, all of the time. As a result, the concept of “self-selected” bundles is capturing quite some attention.

The idea is simple. Give subscribers the ability to choose the elements of the bundle that they want via, for example a self-purchase website. Let them choose how much data suits their needs, how many minutes (an alien concept in some sectors of the market), how many messages and so on, potentially combined with some form of content partnership offer. It allows subscribers to make real choices, creating a completely personalised service and, in theory at least, making them less likely to churn to a rival.

Of course, one consequence of this is that the MNO or MVNO offering the service must be able to deliver not just its core offers, but potentially thousands and thousands of uniquely differentiated services. While today some are considering how to approach this concept, some are already moving ahead with self-selecting bundles as their primary tool to recruit subscribers. In time, we can expect to see more options and alternatives being added, with subscribers activating and de-activating service elements according to how much they use them, how relevant they are and so on.

In other words, self-selection opens a new world of experimentation and self-discovery. However, to support such innovative ideas, MNOs and MVNOs need to be able to access tools that allow them to control the allocation of packets, minutes and messages at a highly granular level. This requires a range of processes and solutions, from DPI to Policy and Charging Control Functions, as well as compelling portals and webshops.

To achieve this, MNOs need the right platforms to enable their MVNO partners to introduce self-selection programmes, while MVNOs need to be able to ensure that they have all the control and configuration tools they need. This means MNOs need to adapt their processes and systems to be sure that they can be positioned to meet the next generation of MVNO demands and needs. If they cannot offer capabilities demanded by the market (self-selection), then MVNO partners will migrate to other providers who can deliver these capabilities. They will lose out in the value chain.

That’s why MNOs and MVNOs alike need an MVNE solution that provides the capabilities to enable self-selection, agile billing and to provide the foundation of an environment of creativity and experimentation. Mobile Cloud from Digitalk is a complete MVNE as a Service solution that has the power and capabilities to facilitate this world of interaction.

Everyone’s talking about subscriber experience in the mobile industry, but it’s actually more than just a topic of conversation. What’s really going to matter in the future is the experience of each and every subscriber, each of which may have their own highly personalised service offer. In this environment, agility and flexibility count. Talk to Digitalk to find out how to unlock your subscribers’ creativity.

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