Product update: Digitalk Carrier Cloud’s Bilateral Agreements module enables streamlined planning for wholesale voice operators

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Digitalk Carrier Cloud's new Bilateral Agreement module enables automated planning for wholesale voice Bilateral Agreements and complete tracking of contracts. The feature is included in all versions of Carrier Cloud from 5.5.

bilateral agreement module

Bilateral Agreements are essential for wholesale voice carriers. The latest release of Digitalk Carrier Cloud , R5.5, allows carriers to plan new Bilateral Agreements, exchange minutes predictably, and to automatically calculate the expected profitability.

This simplifies the process of establishing and managing agreements and allows better visibility of risk, maximising the success of new agreements while boosting business returns.

Once an agreement is established, the module also offers a range of automated management tools, including fulfilment, alerts, financial performance monitoring, and a full revision history, to ensure that it is successfully delivered.

To learn more about Digitalk's new module for Carrier Cloud R5.5, you can read our latest brochure.

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