MNOs and MVNOs should have a symbiotic, mutually beneficial partnership

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

MVNOs can make a significant contribution to MNO revenues by tapping into new markets, under-served segments and by leveraging their brands. As such, MVNOs should be seen as key strategic partners that can boost revenue while maximising the use of expensive assets. The relationship between MNOs and their MVNOs needs to be symbiotic, creating mutual benefit for each.

Understanding and nurturing this symbiotic relationship is therefore vital. If MVNOs launch but do not succeed, the MNO also pays a price. While there are risks in any venture, MNOs need to help MVNOs by taking steps to minimise this risk as much as possible. While it’s easy to focus on the technicalities of the launch phase of an MVNO, the challenge of providing additional assistance must also be considered.

MNOs have an essential and ongoing role with their MVNO partners. They need to understand the business model and not just the technical requirements of launching a new service or offer. MNO teams must embrace this challenge. They need to provide consultancy and advice to their MVNO partners, helping them overcome obstacles and difficulties while providing the operational flexibility to allow them to evolve.

This means that MNOs need the right systems and processes in place, as well as a team to nurture and support the MVNO, not just from launch but through all subsequent growth phases. The MVNE platform is at the heart of this. If it lacks flexibility and the ability to support what can be rapidly growing and rapidly evolving businesses, the MVNO will not be able to flourish.

That’s why MNOs must make sure that they have the best MVNE solution in place, one that can meet the needs of multiple partners but which is also able to extend to the full life-cycle of MVNO businesses. It should be capable of adaptation to market changes, so that MVNOs can evolve and stay relevant to their customers. This is particularly important, as business models are subject to constant evolution, which, in turn, means that product offers will change and continuous subscriber engagement must be achieved so that MVNOs can stay relevant to their chosen target audience.

If MNOs do not possess the right MVNE platform, they cannot offer the continuous support that is required to support this evolution and to ensure mutual success.  If your MVNE solution doesn’t provide the agility you both need to build a successful partnership, then talk to us. We can help you build lasing, profitable MVNO partnerships, throughout their life-cycle.

Why not download our white paper Service Migration for MVNOs” to find out how you can capitalise on a complete MVNE as a Service platform that enables rich subscriber and service management capabilities. It’s the foundation of truly symbiotic MVNO and MNO relationships.

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