Meet Digitalk at ITW and find out why more operators are choosing Carrier Cloud for wholesale voice services

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

ITW, the annual meeting of the global telecoms wholesale industry, is just a few days away. It’s moved to a new location in Atlanta, and promises to be refreshed and invigorated, making it a must attend event on the wholesale calendar.

If you are attending, why not meet Digitalk? We have a host of innovations and new features to share, based on our continuous investment programme in Carrier Cloud. For example, the new Bilateral Agreements module, released in Q1, allows our Carrier Cloud customers to efficiently plan and track performance of key agreements. It offers insights into profitability and risk exposure during negotiations, with at-a-glance reporting.

Automated alerts are generated, giving instant visibility of performance, including shortfalls from expected results. As such, you can maximise the profitability of agreements and easily monitor performance through time – and save time, so you can focus on growing your business.

Similarly, Q2 brings new features, such as Origination Analysis. This uses accurate, managed data sets to provide rich insight into call origination, allowing wholesale operators and carriers to understand the nature of source traffic, identify new business potential, and quickly identify undesired traffic automatically and without the need to manage complex data sets.

Our Q3 release will introduce new fraud countermeasures, with adaptive monitoring, enhancing the ability to identify high risk traffic and take action pro-actively. It provides our customers with rich, automatic exposure control - not only for themselves but for their clients and vendors too, enabling them to detect and prevent high risk traffic from coming onto their network.

In addition, we’ll soon be launching new Active Call Presentation, which allows users to review active calls, in real-time, based on profile options. This gives at-a-glance capacity monitoring and helps ensure compliance with SLAs and contracts.

Carrier Cloud evolves, all the time, helping our customers tune their businesses and confront new challenges, while unlocking new opportunities. As wholesale markets evolve and conditions change, we help our customers stay ahead and maintain competitive advantage.

So, if you are wondering how you can improve the efficiency of your wholesale business, reduce costs and maximise profit, Carrier Cloud offers a robust, proven solution. Our customers and partners benefit from an extensive and continuous investment programme.

That’s why you should meet our team at ITW 2019. Book a meeting today and learn Carrier Cloud enhances profit and efficiency for your wholesale business.

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