Innovation and automation – two key lessons from MVNOs World Congress 2019

Thursday, 06 June 2019

Delivering innovation to your customers requires insight and the ability to automate.

The recent MVNOs World Congress, which took place in Amsterdam in May, showed once again why it is the premier meeting place for the MVNx ecosystem. An audience of more than 600 came together to discuss challenges and opportunities, while exploring new solutions and business ideas. As you might expect, innovation was a key theme. How can MVNOs (and their MNO / MVNE partners) unlock innovation to excite and engage customers – and win market share?

Of course, innovation can be found in many places, but what’s clear is that analytics will play an increasingly important role in finding new value opportunities and refining service offers.

Many delegates spoke about the need to offer a more personalised experience to their customers – and analytics is seen as a key tool to understanding customer behaviour, both at an individual level and across the subscriber base. The ability to be able to learn, continuously, about customer behaviour and then to drive offers and engagement that is linked to real data has immense value for the future of the MVNx ecosystem.

In this context, innovation can be focused on engagement models and tactics. If you can make a customer feel that they have an experience and service tailored to their needs, you can build a closer and more enduring relationship – and, increase loyalty as well as the potential to recruit more subscribers.

Achieving this is one thing, but doing so at scale, across potentially many millions of subscribers is quite another. As several noted, the market share of MVNOs is growing but to maintain this growth requires more than simply price-competitive offers.

So, automation must go hand-in-hand with innovation. If MVNOs (and their partners) can enable the automation of key processes – including product iteration and service refinement, then they can not only ensure that they deliver innovation but can also do so across their subscriber base.

Innovation based on analytics and the automation of offer management and engagement is fundamental to everything we do at Digitalk. We’ve been investing in tools to understand customer behaviour, shape offers according to needs, and to automate delivery and engagement for years. These are key elements of the Mobile Cloud proposition. MVNOs World Congress 2019 shows how the industry is ready to move from innovation at a macro level to the kind of micro scale automation that is required to truly profit from new insights.

If you need help to transform your MVNO business and to bring the power of automation to support your innovative ideas and to obtain rich insights into customer behaviour, why not get in touch with our team?

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