How can mobile operators make a success of sub-brands?

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

The importance of sub-brands for mobile operators is becoming increasingly clear. But, what does it take to ensure success? It’s about a combination of factors, which must all be addressed – ranging from propositions to organisational independence. What are the key success factors for mobile operator sub-brands?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to ensure relevance to all customers from an all-encompassing, monolithic brand. Securing consumer mindshare is even harder, as agile DSPs and OTT providers compete for customers, across fragmenting markets. A crucial tactic that is helping mobile operators to ensure relevance and to present offers to an increasing array of niche and specialist opportunities is to enable sub-brands.

Of course, to capitalise on sub-brand opportunities, mobile operators need the ability to be launch them, either as standalone entities or in close proximity to the parent. They must also be able to do so quickly, in a lean and agile manner, and in a way that enables the sub-brand to be creative and flexible. It’s not enough simply to identify new opportunities: mobile operators must be able to exploit them, without impediment.

This demands a coordinated approach across teams, processes and technology – and it takes a combination of factors to succeed. What are these success factors in practice? How can mobile operators succeed with their sub-brand launches and propositions?

First, a sub-brand needs to be a discrete business unit with its own goals and organisation that must be oriented towards delivering, maintaining and optimising its offer. A successful sub-brand needs not only the processes to build and sustain its offers, it also needs people, channels and partners to carve out its niche.

Second, it must also be a lean, agile machine with a clear purpose and vision. In short, a sub-brand needs to become a true Digital Service Provider. There’s much more – sub-brands need their own content offers, backed by automation and real-time analytics.

If you want to understand what mobile operators need to be successful with sub-brands and how to enable them, why not download our latest white paper to find out? It explains key success factors behind mobile operator sub-brands, such as:

  • An independent approach
  • Digital channel focus
  • Unique partnership and content portfolio
  • Rich automation and business intelligence

And, it shows how you can enable them, with an agile, complete environment for designing, launching and running multiple sub-brand services, as well as standalone MVNO entities.

Paul Bassa, EVP Mobile Cloud from Digitalk will explain how sub-brands can benefit mobile operators and explore what it takes to succeed in a speech at the MVNO World Congress, which takes place in Amsterdam, from May 21st to 24th. For an in-depth briefing and discussion on sub-brands for mobile operators, book a meeting with Digitalk.

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