Effortlessly support multiple MVNOs from a single solution

Thursday, 06 April 2017

As a wholesale MNO, you need to be able to work with as many partner MVNOs as you can, so that you can ensure your network assets are used effectively. Each MVNO will have its own business plan and model and may address very different markets, with tailored packages and offers. This diversity is essential in crowded markets, so that MVNOs can provide differentiated services and build their market share. It’s essential, then, that you are able to host and support as many MVNO brands as you can, while offering them all the support they need, so that they can thrive and grow.

You also need to be able to help new partners on-board quickly and easily, so that new brands and offers can be brought to market. Of course, all of this must be matched by the ability to reduce your costs, so that the expense of launching a new partner or migrating one from another network provider is minimised, boosting your profits. This cannot be achieved with silos or with solutions that require the duplication of assets.

To maximise agility and flexibility, you need a single, comprehensive MVNE solution that includes all relevant and necessary assets to support and on-board MVNO partners. It needs to offer an optimised environment that enables true multi-tenancy, so that it can maintains clear separation for each MVNO brand. A single solution keeps costs down by allowing you to benefit from economies of scale.

Digitalk Mobile Cloud provides both the capabilities and the assets to enable the support of any MVNO offer. It offers an environment in which a diversity of MVNO partners can flourish, allowing each to compete on their terms but for you to easily support their operations. It is a complete MVNE as a Service solution, delivered from a robust carrier-grade cloud infrastructure, which also means that wholesale MNOs can benefit from OPEX models, helping them scale their MVNO business offers without the pain of large upfront investments.

This makes a difference. It means you can, not only support a growing mix of MVNO partners, you can also choose to invest only when you need to, which provides better cash flow and ensures that you build your business to match success. Mobile Cloud gives you full control and flexibility, accelerating time to market for your partners and delivering operational efficiencies to ensure the success of your MNO wholesale business.

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