Automation and zero-touch proposition management - why you need to optimise your MVNO business to boost agility and profit

Monday, 25 March 2019

Automating key processes has become a necessity for MVNOs and MNOs. It helps them become more agile, so they can compete more effectively against digital attackers. What benefits can it bring?

Automation has become a critical topic for MVNOs and MNOs. Faced with stiff competition and agile digital attackers, such as OTTs and other digital service providers, MVNOs need to take steps to reduce costs while automating their systems. They need to become more agile, so that they can meet these challenges head-on. Increasing automation is an essential ingredient to help them to achieve this goal.

That’s because automation allows MVNOs to accelerate key operational and business processes and to reduce the need for human oversight and intervention. Underpinning automation are insights obtained from analytics that can be used to generate predictions. MVNOs need to take steps to automate key processes, such as marketing, sales and customer care – and introduce a more personalised approach while controlling their costs. What might this mean in practice? Let’s consider customer retention, clearly a key issue for all MVNOs.

If analytics insights reveal key factors that are common to customers that churn, then it’s a key next step to make predictions about those that have an increased likelihood of churning in the future. Once a potential churner has been identified, then an appropriate offer or campaign, based on their preferences or those of similar habits, can be sent to the customer.

The success of this offer can also be measured – and refined through time to increase uptake and success. Automation turns a previously manual and time-consuming task into something which can be repeated, at a highly personalised level, and across the entire customer base. What’s more, accuracy can be subject to continual improvements, as the algorithms learn from indicators of success or failure.

Similarly, insights can be used to drive service offers. For example, if a customer is known to be using specific applications via their mobile data subscription but is not taking advantage of matching offers and bundles that might give them better value, then data processing can enable the MVNO to proactively target such users with offers that really match their habits. Automatically identifying such users, the packages that might be relevant, and then generating new offers significantly reduces costs and saves time, allowing the team to focus on other core activities.

Automation and zero-touch proposition management, based on rules, triggers and predictions are fundamental tools that help MVNOs adopt a more agile position and optimise their processes. They allow MVNOs to save money, while delivering better performance and results. The question is, is your MVNO business able to benefit from automation? If not, then you should talk to Digitalk.

Mobile Cloud contains a complete suite of tools that enable automation for key operational processes, spanning marketing, proposition management, security and customer care. These tools help you deliver processes that, in the words of Analysys Mason, a research firm, are “more precise, tailored and insightful to enhance customer experiences and improve performance”[1].

Digitalk Mobile Cloud enables you to automate key processes, equipping you with the solutions you need to evolve and adapt, to protect existing revenue, and generate new business, all from an agile base. You can start your automation journey and move towards augmentation and advancement, confidently and easily.

[1] Analysys Mason, “Mobile World Congress 2019, key findings and implications”

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