Are you getting started as an MVNO – you need to consider the full life cycle.

Wednesday, 07 June 2017

A key theme at this year’s MVNOs’ World Congress was recognition of the growing need for MVNOs to innovate. In today’s competitive environment, it is no longer sufficient to compete on price. Customers demand more – more service flexibility, more offers, enhanced quality and more. As a result, MVNOs that wish to enter the market and launch offers are challenged from the outset. Not only do they need to launch a compelling offer, they also need to be able to evolve and adapt to ensure that they remain relevant and attractive to their customers. 

This means that while it’s important to plan for a successful launch, it’s even more important to plan for how the service will evolve through time to meet new needs and requirements. So, simply assembling the resources you need at the outset isn’t enough – prospective MVNOs need to be absolutely certain that they have the assets in place from the beginning to ensure that they can achieve the flexibility and agility they will need to thrive.

This is a critical and strategic choice. It requires the right partner, one that offers the capabilities to help you realise your vision and can see the big picture – what you need today, what you will need tomorrow and what you may need further ahead. The MVNE is the essential element that helps MVNOs achieve this. But not all MVNEs are the same. Billing, service activation and SIM management are necessary but not sufficient. MVNOs need the right MVNE platform to ensure that they have a framework for business launch and beyond – in other words, to enable the full life cycle of the MVNO.

The right MVNE solution will support the full life cycle of an MVNO, from launch and on-boarding of subscribers, to growth and sustained success. It will help you to offer, not only launch your MVNO but also to consistent engagement, leading to enhanced subscriber retention and increased opportunities to upsell new services, solutions and offers.

Digitalk Mobile Cloud is a comprehensive MVNE as a Service solution that provides the ability to design, manage and evolve comprehensive loyalty programmes. The powerful tools help create the best subscriber experience, building lasting loyalty and providing rewards personalised to meet the needs of your subscribers, across every step of their lifecycle. It’s a complete platform for subscriber and service management and evolution.

So, the lesson from MVNOs’ World Congress is clear – MVNOs need to think constantly about innovation, which means looking beyond launch. As we look ahead and digest the key findings and message, why not think about the future of your MVNO plans and get in touch with Digitalk to find out how we can help you, across the complete life cycle of your business?