Digitalk’s Paul Bassa joins panel at Carrier Community MVNO Summit, London, 13th – 14th February

06 February 2019

Key session discusses winning loyalty strategies and challenges of dealing with multiple segments for MVNOs

Digitalk’s EVP Mobile Cloud, Paul Bassa, is joining a key panel and round table discussion at the Carrier Community’s new MVNO summit, taking place in London from 13th to 14th February, at 1420 on Day 1 of the event. The panel will focus on two key topics that are of growing importance for the MVNO industry.

Why do MVNOs need advanced analytics solutions?

05 February 2019

Globally, Communications Service Providers (CSPs), including MNOs and MVNOs, are adopting analytics programmes in ever-increasing numbers. With growing pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and transform operations, CSPs need to make better and faster decisions – and analytics can help by enabling the processing, filtering and interpretation of the rich data that CSP’s possess about their customers and their networks. This need is equally true for MVNOs, which are typically faced with even more challenging market conditions.

Step-by-step requirements for effective Customer Value Maximisation

23 January 2019

Last time, we discussed how the practice of CVM allows service providers to accurately profile its customers and to identify new opportunities to generate value. Despite often having such information available, mobile service providers have typically not capitalised on CVM techniques and have therefore lagged behind peers in other sectors. Worse, mobile service providers have a clear advantage in that they offer real-time services, so there is huge untapped potential to leverage CVM across all dimensions which is missing to many – and often to some of their OTT competitors. In short, mobile service providers may actually have a richer set of data regarding their customers than their competitors.

What is Customer Value Maximisation and why does it matter to my mobile business?

11 January 2019

Customer Value Maximisation emerged some years ago as an approach to help the banking industry recover from the financial crisis of 2008/9 and as an evolution to the practice of customer lifecycle or customer relationship management. The aim of CVM is to derive as much value from the existing customer base as possible, because it’s believed that this can deliver the greatest results in the shortest possible time. Since then, CVM has been enthusiastically adopted in many sectors – but not, so far, to any great extent in the mobile industry.

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