How can sub-brands create value for MNOs?

05 March 2019

Find out at MVNOs World Congress with Digitalk.

Sub-brands are becoming an essential element of MNO strategic thinking. That’s because a multi-brand approach is essential to succeed in a communications marketplace that is no longer dominated by a small number of network operators. As a result, they cannot appeal to all segments and sectors with a standard set of offers and services.

How are CSPs and MVNOs applying analytics to their businesses?

20 February 2019

Analytics is beginning to transform the communications industry, as service providers seek to better understand performance and their customers, so that they can find opportunities to increase value and boost loyalty. Given there are so many areas to which analytics can be applied, where are the best places to start, in order to secure quick wins and to accelerate transformation?

Digitalk’s Paul Bassa joins panel at Carrier Community MVNO Summit, London, 13th – 14th February

06 February 2019

Key session discusses winning loyalty strategies and challenges of dealing with multiple segments for MVNOs

Digitalk’s EVP Mobile Cloud, Paul Bassa, is joining a key panel and round table discussion at the Carrier Community’s new MVNO summit, taking place in London from 13th to 14th February, at 1420 on Day 1 of the event. The panel will focus on two key topics that are of growing importance for the MVNO industry.

Why do MVNOs need advanced analytics solutions?

05 February 2019

Globally, Communications Service Providers (CSPs), including MNOs and MVNOs, are adopting analytics programmes in ever-increasing numbers. With growing pressure to reduce costs, increase efficiency and transform operations, CSPs need to make better and faster decisions – and analytics can help by enabling the processing, filtering and interpretation of the rich data that CSP’s possess about their customers and their networks. This need is equally true for MVNOs, which are typically faced with even more challenging market conditions.

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